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Standing Ones & Rooted Ones
Insects and other Spirit Helpers
One must learn to understand the symbology representing the roles in any insect or
animal. Each day they represent a spiritual path that we are on. Not one path is the
same for everyone. Many times people have fear of the tiniest things that walk or
crawl. When one does not see, one does not understand. When one does not
understand, one fears. Some will respond with curiosity by watching them for hours at
a time.

Enjoying to watch a spider weave its way up its threads and not get stuck, being so
creative. This a symbol of the ability to weave new energies into being, according to
Native tradition, as this story is passed down through the Creator about how mankind
was born onto this earth.

To the medieval folklore, our dragonflys were considered to be miniture dragons in the
Faerie Realm. Sometimes some fairies walked and were carried by the dragonflies into
the doorways of other dimensions. These insects as you see represent you as your
totem as well, so watch and learn. We always have an attraction to an insect in our life,
go ahead pick one.

But I'll warn you; don't pull off their wings. You never know, they may end being an
Angel in disguise, and no one wants to pull off An Angel's wing? I hope you'll enjoy
this site.        
         Many Blessings, Tansi
Ant:                  Patience, hardwork, togetherness, order, rules, discipline industriousness.
Butterfly:           Transmutation, joyful dancing, beauty, faith, change, sacredness, opening.
Bee:                   Fertility, the honey of life, busy builder.
Beetle:               Innocence, resurrection, movement, purpose.
Caterpillar:       Good luck, new birth, slow movement.
Centipede:         Awareness, sincerity, easy going, psychic connections, protection.
Cockroach:       Survival, sensitivity to changes in the environment, eternal, reproduction.
Cricket:             sensitive intuition, power of belief, prosperous financially.
Dragonfly:          Dreamtime, the power of light, illusion, vision, knowing, dimensional.
Earth worm:       Working old ground, takes time to make decisions.
Firefly:               Spiritual inspirations and hope.
Flea:                  Irriatations & aggravations will increase until we make necessary changes.
Housefly:           Stability even within indiscriminate & unhealthy environments.
Grasshopper:      Uncanny leaps forward and upward, prosperous.
Lady Bug:          Luck, fortune, money, work, planning, can bite when provoked.
Leech:               Purification, detoxification, allow the joy to flow.
Mosquito:         temporary irritations & attacks upon self-worth, covering will benefit.
Moth:               sexual activity & fertility, increased relationships.
Potato Bug:        Play, protection, childhood.
Praying Mantis: Power of stillness, prosperous, meditation.
Scorpion:           Strength, intensity,  transformation, passions, desires, depth, intelligence.
Slug:                  Keeping on, no limits, smooth, unconditional, slow, divination, fertility.
Snail:                 Home, warmth, comfort, protecting vulnerable emotions & spirit.
Spider:                Learning, teaching, creative, hearing, a storyteller, trickster, weaver, fate.
Stick Bug:          activity beneath the surface.
Tarantula:           transformation through heightened psychism & feelings.
Wasp:                Protective nourishment & role & dreams fulfilled through practical efforts.
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Standing Ones & Rooted Ones