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(Leader, Teacher,Pathfinder, Loyalty, Spirit, Trust, Ritual, Guardians, Family) The
wolf has been regarded as the most misunderstood of all wild animals. Tales of
cold-bloodedness abound, inspite of their friendly, social and intelligent traits. They
are long regarded as pathfinders and teachers, representing family, togetherness,
social organizers, and are truly free spirits, while maintaining individualism. One
who walks with wolf medicine has a strong sense of self, and communicates well
through subtle changes in voice interpretations, letting others know when to keep
their distance or when it is safe also through body movements. The wolf also finds
new solutions whether or not how difficult it can be. The wolf has excellent hearing
senses and smell. This is a reminder to those to listen to their own inner thoughts
and intuition. The hair of the wolf has long been symbolized as having  psychic
abilities.The wolf's medicine will strongly guard you, for as long as you trust your
own spiritual path and to help others. Sometimes gently and sometimes very strong
appearances come through the Great Spirit, to be the messenger, which means you
come into one's life,give the message and then you can leave without a trace. Its
time to govern your own life, but be true to yourself. Everyone has the most
attraction to the wolf, for we all have a sense of wanting to be in their place, and to
live their life. These are taught lessons through the Great Spirit.
The Wolf
(March 21- April 19)
( Strength, Nobility, Stubborness, Agility, Freedom,Power, Handsome) The elk is
an animal with great strength and stamina, it is powerful and strong. The Shawnee
Indians call it the wapiti, the Europeans call it the Elk meaning small moose. The
elk can out run most animals for a great length of time, they have stamina.
Sometimes elk will show up as a totem to remind us that we need to have the
company of the opposite sex occasionally for balance. Elk people are aggressive if
angered. Elk shows you how to pace yourself, needing others around you,needing to
persue your skills. Try not to take the easy way out, be patient, things will come
around to your liking.The elk does not have to be in a sexual relationship, but
simply spending time with them helps in balancing and bridging our own energies
to a higher level. Anyonen with elk medicine would do well at becoming
vegetarians. the energy levels will be stronger, the stress levels will be lessened
and the stamina will increase. If you find yourself becomiung sluggish, adjust your
diet and in two or three days you will notice a conciderable in your energy levels,
raising into a higher vibration. Elk people take great pride in their appearance and
appreciate compliments about their surrondings.
The Elk
(April 20 - May 20)
We have been taught by our elders and our guardians how to suvive the ways of the
earth . By living in the bush or by hunting for food and not for the shear pleasure of
killing for sport. I do not abide by this way; killing for sport. I have been taught to
respect all living things. We do not take a life unless it is necessary, but this only
teaches us how to survive for food and learn to look for clues of each  footprint  in our
search for knowledge. Beware, do not trail a bear, unless you know how to run very
fast or know how to fend them off. My grandfather was caught beween a mother black
bear and her young. My grandfather had to make a choice, his life or hers. This was an
accidental walk into a bear's path. We learn to use all parts of the animal, when it has
been taken for food.  Learn the rules of the four-leggeds and the flying ones. They are
our brothers of the earth. They have their territory and we have ours. Everday we learn
to become these animals and act out an image of the wolf or the bear. If you wish to
learn about the nature of things, then read up on:
Ted Andrews Books- Animal Speak and Animal Wise.
The following is a list of animal totems, with a brief explanation of the totem or
medicine power animal that associates with us throughout our lifetime.
For what animal totem your attracted  to, does and will associate to your daily way of
life.Many people expect its the wolf , bear or buffalo. This is commonly found in our
path. This does  not mean that this is the only totem you have. We walk with many in
our path.  Many blessings from Whitskycloud.              (Tansi)
Ant:                 patience, stamina, community-mindedness
Antelope:          knowledgable, action, rapid growth, grace
Armadillo:       knowledge of boundaries, objectivity
Badger:           aggressiveness, persistance, centeredness
Bat:                 releasing old habits, new growth, rebirth
Bear:               strength, introspection, self-knowledge
Beaver:             balance, alterations, building, shaping
Bee:                 service, gathering, community
Buffalo:           abundance, prayer, healing, good fortune
Butterfly:          transformation, courage to change, grace
Caribou:           travel, mobility
Cat:                 grace, independence, sensuality, psychic vision
Cougar:            balanced relationship, cunning, wit
Coyote:            humor, trickery, adaptibility, reversal of fortune
Crow:              council, intuitive knowledge of universal law, assertiveness
Deer:               gentleness, sensitivity, alertness, peace
Dog:                loyalty, courage, uncondtional love, little burden carrier
Dolphin:          harmony, love, wisdom, connection with self
Dragonfly:        refinement of skills, illusion, need for change, relentlessness
Eagle:               spiritual enlightenment, clarity of vision, transcendence
Elephant:        memory, learning ability, health, good luck
Elk:                 stamina, stubborness, friendship, pride, power, majestic
Falcon:            accuracy, rapid progress, restraint
Fox:                cleverness, adaptability, cunning, subtlety, dicretion
Frog:               emotional healing, cleansing, peace
Goat:              tenacity, diligence
Goose:            safe return, love of home
Gopher:           gathering, preparation for the future
Grouse:            completion, sacred spiril dance, fulfillment
Hawk:             messenger, truth seeker, clear vision, heightened awareness
Hedgehog:        self- preservation
Horse:             inner power, freedom, safe movement
Hummingbird: beauty, wonder, joy, agility
Lion:               association with the sun, courage, nobleness, prosperity
Lizard:            caution, regeneration, renewal, growth
Loon:               communication, serenity
Lynx:              subtlety, silence, secretiveness, elusiveness
Manatee:         serenity, gentleness, trust
Moose:            self-esteem, confidence, strength, spontaneity, unpredictability
Mouse:            scrutiny, caution, success, awareness of danger, illusion, charm
Opossum:        peaceful, alternatives, deception
Otter:              playfulness, efficiency, female energy, healing power of laughter
Oxen:              stubborn, slow efforts, needs to be led
Owl:                 wisdom, insight, psychic vision, spirit transition
Pidgeon:          romantic love, loyalty, peace, innocence
Porcupine:       self-protection, memory, security, innocence, humility
Quail:              protectiveness, group harmony
Rabbit:             conquering fear, safety, gentleness with self
Raccoon:         curiosity, skillful investigation, playful energy
Raven:             trickster, prophecy, clairvoyant vision, magic, mystery, explorer
Salmon:            determination, persistance
Sandpiper:        quickness, foraging, scavenging
Seagull:           observation, swift action, opportunities, careful attitude, versatility
Seal:                contentment
Skunk:             reputation, self-preservation, respect
Snake:             transmutation, fertility, regeneration, life force, sexual potency
Spider:             creativity, balance, interconnectedness, industry
Squirrel:            planning ahead, gatherer, playfulness, trust
Swan:               grace, faithfulness, committment
Tiger:               caution, appropriate timing, stealth
Turkey:            setting limits, appreciation, renewal
Turtle:              protection, longevity, healing, symbol of the bounty of Mother Earth
Vulture:           resolution of problems
Weasel:            seeing beneath the surface, supernatural power
Whale:              intelligence, self-expression, intuition, creativity
Wolf:                 Scredness, teacher, pathfinder, social, loyalty, spirit, ritual, psychic
Woodpecker:   sacred heartbeat, raincaller, growth, fertility, cleansing
Zebra:               alertness, community  
Other spirit helpers
Other spirit helpers
Other spirit helpers
Other spirit helpers
Other spirit helpers