We all have the ability to communicate with spirit. We are spirit as well, in a material body. The
objective in developing our own psychic abilities, is to help us learn  to differentiate between
the images, thoughts and feelings that come from within ourselves from those of spirit who are
trying to communicate with us. They may be subconscious thoughts, memories, past life
experience, emotions and physical pains.
As you seek to develop your own awareness of spirit and spirit communication, you will
become increasingly aware of the many blessings and difficulties which are involved.
That is why I provide the deep desire of service to others and the dedication and commitment
that is necessary. The best place to start on your path of spiritual development is to examine
your motivations for understanding this journey.
First you must learn to understand the emotional changes in your mind, body and spirit. You
will learn peace of mind when encountering judgements from others in your life's path. You
will then excel into the next level of happiness, the want to sit and meditate as you wait for
your next lesson from spirit.
8 week workshop: $720 per person
Next class opening ( Jan. 7, 2017 )
For more info on next class call Derrick: 604-818-8375 or 604-818-1460
This is a learning workshop on how to have conversations with the spirit world through
focused thought with pen in hand. In this class we start off with the prayer for the white
light of God and guiding hand of spirit. We will also have a white candle burning for purity
and focus. You will be guided into a clear and meditative state and then asked to let your
hand write with words. You will be writing words from your subconcious mind...letting
them flow without reading them at the time.
You may for a specific person in spirit, a guardian angel or spirit guide. You need to ask
precise questions.
There are two types of automatic writing. One is focused writing by hand through or led by
spirit and the second happens when spirit moves the pen which is held loosely by the
Bring a journal or writing pad and your favorite pen or pencil.
Automatic Writing Workshop: 2-3 HOURS/ $45 PER PERSON

To book with Derrick call 604-818-8375 or email:

Psychometry is a form of scrying - a psychic way of "seeing" something that is not seeable.
Some people can scry a crystal ball, a candle flame or even water surfaces.
In psychometry, a psychic ability is used to sense or "read" the history of an object by
touching or holding it. Impressions from the item can be received as images, sounds, smell,
tastes or even emotions.
A person ( reader) using psychometry may be able to tell something about the items history,
about the person who owned it and may pick up on the experiences the owner had while in
possession of the item. The reader may be able to sense what the person was like, their
emotions during a particular time, what they did and sometimes even how they died.
Emotions seem to be the strongest sense recorded in an object.
Practice is most important in developing psychometric abilities.
Psychometry is another tool or medium that can be very useful when working with a client.
Psychometry Workshops: 2 classes: 2-3 hrs each

$45 per person ( both classes)
for more information call Derrick 604-818-8375

Level One: Focused Breath Energy

This healing technique involves focused breath energy, referred to as the
"Breath of the Dragon".
A healing practitioner that is already using Hands-on-healing, Reiki, etc will
find that Wing Chi will add to and complement the healing.

Crystals ( Laying on of Crystals) along with focused breath energy are also
used to amplify the healing needed for the individual.
Level One: Focused Breath Energy Workshop

6 week Workshop ( once a week / 2-3 hrs )
450 per person contact Derrick

Level Two: Focused Wing Chi Movement

You will learn to bring in the four elements of, air, fire and water
together and use the " Btreath of the Dragon" to move this energy to your client.

Your being becomes with the elements as you use this guided focused
When one observes these movements they may look similar to some in Tai Chi.
Level Two:
Focused Movement Workshop
6 Week Workshop (once a week/2-3hours)
450 per person
Are there connections between past lives and current lives? Yes.
Is it important to know about your past lives? It depends.
Are you dealing with a phobia, allergies, an unexplained fear or a yearning that
stays with you?
Why are you drawn to another culture or country?
Have you wondered?
These feelings may be carry-over from past life.
Cell memories.
Once an understanding is reached regarding the past life, peace of mind
Would you like to know more?
2-3 hours each / $45 per person
For more information call Derrick 604-818-8375
Learn about your awakenings since childhood.
Understand the senses and sensations, emotional feelings (
e.g.:headaches, sneezes, feeling vertigo, etc.) dreams and dejavu.
" The Awakening of the Pshchic ".
We use it in our everyday lives or professionally.
Spiritual Awakenings Seminar:
Minimum: 12 people
2 hours/ $25 per person

To book Derrick for this seminar call: 604-818-8375
Do you have a spirit guide?
How many guides are with you?
Are the same guides with you throughout your life?
Do they have names?
Is it necessary to know the answers to these questions?

This workshop is an interactive forum where answers will be forthcoming.
Spirit Guides Workshop:
Minimum: 12 people
2-3 hour workshop / $45 per person

To book Derrick for this workshop:
please call 604-818-8375