Mediumship with Whiteskycloud
Derrick is a Psychic / Medium, that makes himself available to the Spirit world to receive
messeges from those who have passed over to the other side. With the assistance of his
spirit guide White Bear, he uses this gift to prove to all that life does exist after death.
Developing your Mediumship

We all have the ability to communicate with spirit. We are spirit as well, in a material
body. The objective in developing our own psychic abilities, is to help us learn  to
differentiate between the images, thoughts and feelings that come from within ourselves
from those of spirit who are trying to communicate with us. They may be subconscious
thoughts, memories, past life experience, emotions and physical pains.
As you seek to develop your own awareness of spirit and spirit communication, you will
become increasingly aware of the many blessings and difficulties which are involved.
That is why I provide the deep desire of service to others and the dedication and
commitment that is necessary. The best place to start on your path of spiritual
development is to examine your motivations for understanding this journey.
First you must learn to understand the emotional changes in your mind, body and spirit.
You will learn peace of mind when encountering judgements from others in your life's
path. You will then excel into the next level of happiness, the want to sit and meditate as
you wait for your next lesson from spirit.

Here are some answers to a few questions
concerning a reading or training ?

Does a medium know everything about you?

The medium knows absolutely nothing about you, before the reading or when training
begins. The medium or the teacher will only know the facts of the client has presented
for training and the reading. The medium prefers to go in cold so to speak ( not asking
questions until the reading is finished). The spirit world  will come through with what is
important at this moment of the client's journey, and depending on the Medium & also
how receptive they are. Spirit will respect your privacy absolutely and nothing of a very
private or personal nature will be revealed, unless it is important to the receiver to
confirm the Spirits message. Most of the time, Mediums do not remember much of the
messages spoken after a reading has taken place and concluded. So please be kind and

Can they tell my future and fortune?

It depends on the path that you are on, foolish questions like (will I be rich?) Spirit only
sees your path as being rich in life and health. They do show concerns of your health
and what path you are on, depending what your heart desires. Spirit also sees money as
an illusion and time is not important on their side. So when they say soon, that does not
mean tomorrow, it could be a week, month, or a year(s) from now. Trust and patience is
our spiritual future. Your future depends on your actions you take to improve your life's
goals or if you feel lost and not to sure what to do next. Then spirit will step in to try to
help you fulfill your goals, your dreams to come true.

What if they tell me something I don't want to know?

The spirit world will not tell you something to worry about, unless they are put there to
warn you of certain events and awareness & preparation to move or change your path.
Spirit is sent to you through truth and love. So do not be upset they sent to give you
guidance as we do for others on this Earth plain.

Should we be frightened?

No! not the slightest. The spirit world or family who have passed over love you
unconditionally and only want the best for you to understand what its like being there
and how happy they are returning back your messages. So do not worry.

Do I need to think about the person or people I want a message from?

You can if you wish, there may be no guarantee that a message from any particular
person will come through, only if they choose to come first or there maybe someone of
your own family would like to speak first. We are dependent upon the wishes of the
spirit world to communicate. Eventually they too will come through, if it is necessary to
receive that message of love and acknowledging their presence.The most important
message for all of you folks is the evidence of survival of the human soul after passing
away. I speak of passing away meaning those who have stepped over to the other side.
They are not dead, they are very much alive and just as busy as we are here are on this

What should I do when I arrive?

Keep an open mind. Try not to limit your thoughts on who is wanting to come through
to you with a message. Your messages can from anyone you have met throughout your
life, or even those who have passed over. Don't be surprised if a friend of someone else
will come through to you for as you may end up becoming someone's messenger, and
relay the message.

Many times we also can become what you call psychic amnesia. This means what comes
through may not what you may be expecting to hear or see. Spirit says to enjoy your
visit and please say hello to your family everyday( those who have passed over). They
say we haven't gone that far away, we're only next door on the other side of the veil.

Many blessings from the Spirit world (our home).

If you wish to take my Psychic / Mediumship development workshop.
I hold classes on Sundays @ 12 noon  in my home.
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Written & Published by
Derrick Whiteskycloud