Disclaimer Information:

Derrick Whiteskycloud of whiteskycloud.com disclaims all liability in regards to the advice
given to his clientele. His services are in no way to be used as a replacement for physical,
mental, or psychological therapy or assistance of a physical.

Derrick Whiteskycloud in no way claims to be a medical doctor. If you are experiencing mental
or physical pain, which may be a warning sign to see a physician or medical doctor, Derrick
Whiteskycloud recommends you to seek medical advice immediately and acknowledges this
reading is not a replacement for such.

The reading you seek is Psychic / Medium / Spiritual Counsellor in nature please be aware that
accepting to participate in a reading indicates you also agree to be open to whomever
...spiritual friends, relatives or guides that may come through with a message.

If Derrick Whiteskycloud is unable to connect for a client as may possibly happen with any
Psychic / Medium he will not charge for the service.
Derrick hopes you'll enjoy the reading & messages that come through with love and peace.
Many blessings to you all.
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Due to the NEW RULES from
PAYPAL ...I do NOT use their
payment plan any longer. I do
accept credit card payments by
using SQUARE or E-Transfer to
Please call my number to make
payment if you wish to use your
credit cards. Thank You...
Blessings to you all.
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Welcome to my NEW updated website with more spiritual
I hope you will enjoy more of this site.
All spiritual healing is done through the Great Spirit, my spirit
guides,celestial beings and who ever else is needed
for each individual.
Besides councelling, I'm also available for teaching workshops.
Please refer to the buttons on the top right side of the page...
Shamanic Healing also comes from the Great Spirit passed down
to those who wish to listen within the heart beat of Mother Earth,
through the sound of the drum.
Our spirit soars with the vibration of the Earth Mother's songs.
Look to the Universe for she is our Star Blanket,wrapping her
love over you, protecting the inner child within us.
We heal in many different ways, through love, song,healing
touch, dreamtime, spiritual awakenings.
Love is pure we can all heal within, with many blessings, Aho!