( Peace, Assertive, Prophesy,Generous, Maternal ) -Doves do have a loving
approach to people, according to the christians, they represent the symbol of peace,
generosity and assertiveness. Those who carry this totem have these abilities.It has
many associations to the Goddesses of the past and mythology, most of them
represented the embodiment of maternal instinct . God turned to the Dove as the
prophet's messenger, the mournful song of the Dove meant there was water near by to
drink. This is where man decided to watch the Dove ever more closely, if one needs to
survive in the forest or brushy areas.The Dove eats consistantly to help aid it's digestive
system with feminine and creative energies, no matter what, life goes on without
stopping. The Dove never gives up no matter how tough life is, through mourning and
death there is not an end ,life always continues.
(Sept. 23- Oct 23)
(Mysterious exterior, Emotional, great depths, transformation) In the Chinese
legend, if a snake is eating an eel, you should wait until only the head is still visible and
cut it off; if you carry  this head about with you, your income will be assured and you
will always win at games.The eel brings in the kundulini energy; the serpent creative life
force; and within us the force of life that allows for our greatest transformation. A
study of the kundulini process will be of great benefit to those whom the eel appears as
a messenger or totem.This also means that there is a great journey ahead. It will be so
transforming that even our family may not recognize us through the changes and into
great depth  and distance. We may find ourselves travelling to distant places and
exploring new depths that will transform us. What we were may not even be visible at
all. We will have grown stronger spiritually and phsysically transforming.
(Oct. 24- Nov 21)
(Mobility, Strength, Power, Stamina,Freedom) The horse has been pictured as an
animal with supernatural power in many cultures.e.g. (The Norse Odin, The Hindu
Surya,Apollo in Greek mythology,Chinese astrology. Mostly horses symbolize freedom,
often times without restaint. The horse served humanity in travel, in war, in
agriculture,even closely connected to the donkey, they too were connected as the
beasts of burden. Horse people have the ability to carry those burdens and not feel the
effects that others do. In other traditions Shamans also travelled on the mythical horse
to other dimensions.  With the arrival of the horse, they were free to move and to travel
great distances without needing to take long breaks.They are strong and able to "bare up
" under the strain of difficult circumstances.Horse people can be a little complexed,but
it takes time to domesticate a horse person.They are always on the go and can never sit
still long enough to settle. They love new journeys,and their freedom, love and devotion.
So if you are in the horse totem stop and think things out and  where you want to go .
(Nov 22- Dec 21)
(Secretive, Awakening the unconscience, Dreamer, Healer, Power)- Bears have a
human like behavior, they are the only animal that can stand and walk upright for a great
length of time. The bear is considered as lunar symbology, giving it ties to the
unconscience mind to the subconscience. The bear hibernates through the winter
seasons, they go through much dreamtime, the cave represents our getting conected to
the earth mother like being in a womb, one's grounding oneself for balance and
protection. The bear is recognized through the seven stars in the constellation , Ursus
Major , or what we call the Big Dipper. These stars are linked together to form the seven
great rays of the Divine.The bear can teach you how to survive,and to draw upon all of
your inner stores of energy and essence even those of which that have never been tapped
before. Meditating and working with bear will help you go within your soul's den' your
inner most self to find your answers. Bear can teach to go deep within to learn to make
choices and form a decision from a position of power.For those with a BearTotem much
not hibernate all year. You must learn to come out of yourself and to experience the new
growth and in your heart.Bear people should be patient for what comes into their path
regarding work or other spiritual functions,. All bears love honey and so do bear totem
people ,it is natural sweetness that is in them.That is why they enjoy the sweet things in
Dec 22- Jan 21)
(Proper use of Occult Knowledge, Sociability, Willingness to share) The
Magpie as a totem can help you to use whatever metaphysical or occult knowledge
that you do have, no matter how incomplete it may be. The only thing that you
must be careful of, is that of thinking and acting as if it will do more for you than it
can. The Magpie is considered the most intelligent of the crow family.They have a
great intelligence for adaptibility and social organization, often reflecting
opportunities for  job advancement, through proper use of intelligence.A magpie as
a totem usually indicates that you are going to encounter the spirit realm and the
metaphysical world in a different manner. You will enter into in a very unusual
way. Magpie can teach you to go into this carefully and those who are not all the
work related jobs you do in this life will also come into your path in a very unusual
way.The magpie has a strong connection to the spirit and fairy realm.
( Jan 22- Feb 18)
(Awakening inner depths, Creativness, Good providers, Generous, Power
-The Whale is the world's largest mammal and is the ancient symbol of
creation whether it is of the body or the world. Whales have air holes on top of
their backs which represents releasing and freeing your own creative
energies.Whales have an ancient knowledge of how to use the creative force of
breath for a variety of purposes. The beautiful songs of the male whale teaches  
us how to be creative through sound and song by listening within and singing
forth your own song.The whale can teach you how to tap into your inner reaches
of the mind and even accelerate your manifested goals, they must stay in contact
with the real world once in a while.  Awakening  great depths of creativeness &
inspiration with great amounts of colorful lights in and around you in your daily
life.Go forth and sing to your hearts content and heal the world.
( Feb 19- March 20)
Animal Totems 3