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Steer Skull hand painted
Eagle Drum ( $350) with 4 directions
turtle drum
powwow drum ( $1200.00 with stand )
Drum keychains (rawhide)  $10.00
Mirror Hanger Drums  $20.00
My wife's drum ( Dancingfirewolf )
Rabbit hide drum beater rattles (new design)  $75.00
Cedar & Elk powwow drum $1200.00
Talking sticks ( L' Eagle feather with Arbutus branch )  $200.00  beaded
Dreamcatchers ( assorted sizes) sm, $10.00 / med. $20.00 / lg. $30.00  Willow
Talking feathers  is a traditional native way of healing of the heart mind and spirit. When you pick up the feather and ask the questions you desire. You will receive an answer the next day or sooner. To cleanse the feather lay it on cornmeal to keep it clean and smudge it with your favorite herbs until you are ready for the next question & answer. All my relations
Dancing wings and Smudge wings  (Prices vary call by email for what is available 30.00 & up to 75.00)
Smudge Kits for those who wish to give as gifts for a friend or loved. Consists of a mix of herbs and dried flowers to add a a fragrance in the home bringing in peace and prosperity.  $15.00  (feather not included)
L'Eagle beaded smudge feathers  $30.00
Metis Ladies shoulder bag  $75.00
leather pouch for healing tools or medicines 90.00
Rattles turkeylegs rapped around rawhide rattle, beaded handle   $250.00
squash rattles painted  $50.00
Assorted rattles ( Prices vary )
Dancing fans / Coup horn stick / Rattle
Horse rattle  $150.00 /  Deer legbone and deerhide rattles  $90.00
Metis sash belt bags (these pouches slip through a belt)   $75.00
Buffalo rattles   $150.00   / Horn Rattles  $50.00
This bearwand was made to help find water & is used for healing others. Also known as a dowsing tool. Price: $200.00
Aboriginal hand painted designed ornaments   $20.00  ( non-breakable )
Assorted Neck Bands  ( Prices start from $100.00 and up )
I made this red diamond willow walking staff for a couple (the bride) who were married in Sedona, Arizona. Many blessings to them both.
This red diamond willow walking staff ( the groom) the crystal was smokey quartz. Blessings to them both on there sacred wedding day in Sedona, Arizona 2003
Standing with a friend at a Metis Gathering
Prayer feather 10.00
Gift to Driftpile Health Centre in Alberta
Drumbeaters $20 each
assorted deer rattles $75.00
horn rattles 50.00
assorted 75.00
assorted deer rattles 75.00
40.00 by availability
Individual herbs for ceremony 40.00
Variety of herbs with feather 40.00
Honorary feathers 5.00
Talking stick ( Arbutus) beaded with horsehair including bag
talking stick beaded with deer horn stand 200.00
Talking stick 200.00
coyote face belt pouch 200.00
racoon belt pouch 75.00
Deerhide belt pouch 50.00
Flute bag 200.00
eardrum earrings ( plain) 20.00
Sunstone Necklace 125.00
Necklace deerbone 40.00
deerhorn dreamcatcher earrings 20.00
Beaded eardrum earrings 30.00
dreamcatcher earrings 20.00
buffalo mandala  50.00
glass beaded conchos
dreamcatcher keychains 10.00
drum keychains 10.00
stone bear earrings 20.00
Beaded metis symbol bollo tie 200.00
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European Festival BC Mayors Office 2009
Eurofest BC 2009
Commissioned for powwow drumgroup
Elders Christmas Gathering Kamloops BC
First Book Signing Delview Secondary 2003
Healing Fair Vancouver Croation Cultural Centre 2000
Grand Entry 1999 Powwow Delview Secondary High School Delta BC
Preforming singing Stanley Park Aboriginal Day 2002
Michif Historical & Cultural Preservation Society Whiteskycloud 1999
Red River Rendezous 2002 Malahat BC
Aboriginal Gathering Cloverdale Rodeo 2013
Aboriginal Gathering Cloverdale Rodeo 2013
Aboriginal Gathering Cloverdale Rodeo 2013
Aboriginal Gathering Cloverdale Rodeo 2013